Service Delivery Procedures

Ensuring Participant Privacy

It is the policy of this centre to respect everyone’s right to privacy and confidentiality. It may be necessary to ask for information from a participant, which is of a confidential nature Staff and volunteers have an obligation to respect confidentiality of information of a personal nature however innocuous it may appear. When discussion with others is necessary names will not be revealed unless permission has been given. Client, staff or volunteer telephone numbers are not to be given out without clear prior permission – if in doubt – don’t. Request the phone number of the inquirer so they may be contacted by the client/staff/volunteer instead. Information:
  • Will not be collected unnecessarily
  • Will not be collected without informed consent
  • Will be up to date and for a relevant purpose
  • Will not be used for a purpose other than that which has been consented to
It is preferable to return the call rather than give out incorrect information. Correct use of the phone system will be explained by an administration officer if it is to be a regular part of a volunteer’s role.
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