Service Delivery Procedures

Managing Participant Complaints

Any participant or potential participant who has a complaint about organisational policies or practices, either at enrolment, during activities or within the organisation’s environs is asked to take the following action:
  • Discuss the issue privately with the person concerned
  • If not resolved, contact the coordinator for a recorded (i.e. notes are taken) but private interview (with advocate if required)
  • If not resolved the matter should be brought before the committee of management (preferably in writing)
  • If the matter is still not resolved within an agreed time, mediation or involvement should be sought from the relevant body eg Equal Opportunity Commission.
Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre maintains insurance for its volunteers. Volunteer insurance will insure all volunteers while engaged in unpaid voluntary work officially organized and under the control of Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre including necessary direct travel during such voluntary work.
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